2023 Lexus LX 570 Horsepower, Engine, Specs

2023 Lexus LX 570 Horsepower, Engine, Specs – It’s best to stay away from the soccer field parking lot if you have a large SUV. Smaller engines and more modern interiors are becoming more common in more expensive SUVs. The 2023 Lexus LX 570 won’t be needed by many people when it arrives on the market. Toyota’s Land Cruiser chassis is used to build Lexus’ flagship SUV, the LX.

Because of this lack of development, the 2023 Lexus LX does not have all of the most modern technologies available on the market today. Engines with 383 hp and 403 lb-ft of torque will never be seen in the United States. V8 engine and body-on-frame chassis. In spite of its extensive pedigree, this high-end SUV may not be suitable for all buyers’ tastes.

2023 Lexus LX Front View
2023 Lexus LX Front View

2023 Lexus LX Redesign

The sophisticated outward style of a 2023 Lexus LX makes it simple to recognize. This vehicle has a large chrome grille, a hood, and LED headlights that all lean forward. On the exterior, a set of roof rails and a spoiler are included as standard features. When it goes on sale, the Sport Package will come with a new grille and LED taillights. The most common size for wheels is 20, but 21-inch wheels are also readily available. Since it is a smaller SUV, the LX offers a more relaxing ride than most of its peers.

These images show that this is really the case. Because they’re little, cars aren’t overlooked. It has a wheelbase of 112.2 inches, making it a total of 200 inches long. The automobile was 8.9 inches tall, with a height of 75.2 inches. On hot days, off-roaders passing through our region are forced to stop and cool down. A 78-inch-wide line of automobiles weighing 5,800 pounds at the curb Compared to two-row models, three-row SUVs weigh 6,000 more pounds.

2023 Lexus LX Interior
2023 Lexus LX Interior


Instead of using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, drivers may use Siri Eyes Free and Amazon Echo to keep themselves entertained while driving. In spite of their utilitarian nature, automobiles with 12.3-inch touchscreen dashboards are instantly recognisable. Although this feature reacts differently to touch, it is still quite helpful. For whatever reason, the second and third rows of seats are much more visible than row 1. Additionally, this vehicle comes with a four-zone climate control system and power-adjustable heated front seats.

The LX may be bought with either five or eight seats. Keeping track of little details is more difficult on a dashboard this crowded with options, which makes for a more enjoyable driving experience. With a back legroom measurement of just 34.4 inches, this body-on-frame crossover falls short of many current subcompact crossovers. The third row of a three-row automobile may be utilized to accommodate youngsters as young as two years old by removing three seats from the sidewalls of the luggage compartment (28.3 inches).


Because it lacks turbochargers or electric motors, the LX’s V8 engine retains a vintage appearance and feel. 383 horsepower and 403 lb-ft of torque can’t keep up with this automobile. When the accelerator is pushed, the V8 engine’s enormous power is hardly audible. In contrast, V8 engines do not appear to be at their peak of performance.

There are several disadvantages to driving a car that weighs more than 6,000 pounds. Due to its automatic gearbox, all four wheels get the same amount of torque. You may be able to accelerate more quickly by downshifting your gears to get clear of traffic. In comparison to a regular manual gearbox, an eight-speed automatic transmission provides more power in a shorter amount of time.

2023 Lexus LX Back View
2023 Lexus LX Back View
2023 Lexus LX Release Date and Price

Before the $1,025 destination charge, the price of a two-row 2023 Lexus LX was $86,580. A three-row model with all the gizmos and whistles will cost you more than $100,000. The LX 570 Inspiration Series is the closest you can get to a Range Rover for less than $100,000.