2023 Lexus RX 350 Redesign, Interior, Colors

2023 Lexus RX 350 Redesign, Interior, Colors – In the wake of a much-needed redesign in 2023, the Lexus RX seems to be taking it easy as America’s most popular midsize SUV. Depending on the kind of petrol used, the crossover’s V6 engine may generate 290 to 308 horsepower. The midsize sedan will have a hard time keeping up with the performance of midsize SUVs like the Acura MDX and BMW X5. But for a fun small vehicle, it’s more than adequate.

The absence of cutting-edge technology or a sumptuous interior is more than made up for by ‘Slow acceleration and poor handling might make this vehicle uncompetitive in the future. Fast adoption will only occur if there is a compelling rationale for doing so.

2023 Lexus RX Front View
2023 Lexus RX Front View

2023 Lexus RX Redesign

The 2023 Lexus RX is everything but timid. The hourglass frame’s center was relocated to allow optional auto-leveling headlights. Using them, tri-beam LED lights may be installed on both sides of the vehicle. Motorized panoramic or sunroofs, for example, may be found on a number of automobiles. The Black Line’s 20-inch wheels may be swapped out for one of the other two 20-inch wheel options. The use of 18-inch alloy wheels is a common occurrence in the wheel arches.

In spite of their similarity to F-Sport models, the hybrid cars have a different hybrid drivetrain. The outer mirrors have black covers and a specific logo. It’s a full set, with F Sport 20-inch wheels included. To begin with, all Black Line vehicles have their exteriors totally blacked out, including the grille surround and side graphics that are ordinarily white.

2023 Lexus RX Interior
2023 Lexus RX Interior


All of the qualities that a Lexus should have may be found in this vehicle. Seats in the L’s third row and captain’s seats may easily accommodate five people. Heated seats and automatic temperature settings provide a relaxing journey for all passengers. For enjoyment and safety, there are several speakers and a huge touchscreen. Choices that it may be difficult to make a decision.

In its basic form, the RX can accommodate up to five passengers. For a three-row L model, there must be enough room in both rows. Rather than seven passengers crammed into the 2023 Lexus RX 350L’s bench seats, the second row captain’s chairs in the RX 450hL provide more legroom. No one else can sit in the third row since there won’t be much space on the floor for anybody else. The third row’s extra legroom won’t help those in the center of the jet.


Even though each RX model has a slightly different horsepower output, they all share a fundamental design. All gas-only RX models, save for the 350L, have 295 engine and 268 lb-ft of torque, except for the 350L. Regardless of the model, the hybrid’s three electric motors provide 308 horsepower in total. It comes standard with an eight-speed automatic gearbox and front-wheel drive, although all-wheel drive is an option.

The 450h comes equipped with all-wheel drive and a continuously variable gearbox (CVT). The drivetrain is compatible with both of these setups. An internal combustion engine propels the front wheels, while electric motors power both the rear wheels. The gearbox is woefully inadequate when it comes to conveying the driver’s throttle commands. Your CVT will be more responsive and smoother with the hybrid.

2023 Lexus RX Back View
2023 Lexus RX Back View
2023 Lexus RX Release Date and Price

Compared to other Lexus models, the 2023 Lexus RX is Toyota’s most costly vehicle. The RX 350 costs $45,070, while the 350L costs an additional $47,000. The F Sport is $48,550 more expensive than the standard model while having many of the features you’d expect in a vehicle of this caliber. All-wheel drive (AWD) adds $1,400 to a motorcycle’s standard front-wheel drive (FWD). AWD).

All-wheel drive is provided as standard equipment in order to boost the price of a hybrid. In order to tell the three 450h versions apart, all you have to do is look at the available options (prices range from $47,000 to $51,110). There is a $4,235 difference in price between the RX 350 F Sport Black Line and the RX 450h Hybrid. The $1,025 “destination charge” includes the manufacturer’s recommended retail price for the vehicle.