2024 Lexus ES 350 Release Date, Changes, Model

2024 Lexus ES 350 Release Date, Changes, Model – Amid the market’s sluggishness, the Lexus ES 350 is the latest midsize executive automotive model to fall. They are destroying the once-premium market with SUVs and crossovers of all types. The 5 Series and E-Class from BMW and Mercedes-Benz remain industry standards.

Even in, the 2024 Lexus ES is an excellent example of a car that remains an excellent value for its price. The cabin of this Japanese luxury automobile looks posh, despite its lack of power. The ES’s three engine options—a 302-horsepower 3.5L V6, a 2.5L 4-cylinder, and a 3.75L V8—are impossible to ignore at this price point.

2024 Lexus ES 350 Exterior
2024 Lexus ES 350 Exterior

2024 Lexus ES Exterior

Nothing on the road compares to the allure of an airport coffee shop for the 2024 Lexus ES. In other words, this isn’t your typical upscale coffeehouse. If no one remembers the design, it doesn’t matter how good it is. A color-coordinated rear spoiler is standard on F Sport variants, as is a more aggressive front bumper and grille than on other models.

The Black Line Special Edition features a black rear spoiler, black wing mirrors, and dark 19-inch wheels. All models are equipped with a motorized sunroof, and 17-inch split 10-spoke alloy wheels. For comparison, the Volvo S90 is 195.9 inches longer than the BMW 5-Series in overall length. There is a total length of 113.5 inches for the 2024ES, with a width of 73.4 inches. 57.1 inches is the difference in height between AWD and FWD. Depending on the variant, the Lexus ES may weigh between 3,690 and 3,780 pounds.

2024 Lexus ES 350 Interior
2024 Lexus ES 350 Interior


Materials and artistry are more important than appearance in interior design, even if it isn’t as appealing as German and Swedish examples. It’s a Lexus characteristic to have opulent interiors. Even with the hood-extending cluster stalks, it’s hard to see any value in the center dash, even if the price is high. If you catch my drift, it’s already out of date, if that helps. All models include heated and power-adjustable front seats and ample room for cargo and people. Semi-aniline leather covers the top deck of the vehicle.

Since the Lexus ES offers more capacity for passengers than any of its rivals, it is essential for long-distance road trips. The low ride height and absence of a wide roof make this vehicle easy to get in and out of. When you first walk in, the place appears considerably larger than it actually is. At the front of the car, six-footers will have plenty of legroom. With a 39.2-inch wheelbase, passengers of average height will have enough legroom and headroom.


In 2024, there will be three engine alternatives for the willpower of these people. The ES 350’s 2.5-liter inline-four engine is the source of the car’s power and torque. All four wheels are powered by an eight-speed automatic gearbox. The four-pot engine might save you money on petrol and help you better control traffic flow. Overtaking at high speeds and with big loads is impossible for the ES 350.

In spite of its 2.5-liter four-cylinder/electric engine combo putting out 215 horsepower, the ES Hybrid isn’t very quick. The 3.5-liter V6 engine replaces the standard all-wheel drive system. The 302 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque engines are paired with automatic transmissions.The straight and smooth powerband of the V6 makes driving it a pleasure. In order to really appreciate the ES’s amazing appearance, you must take it on a joyride.

2024 Lexus ES 350 Release Date
2024 Lexus ES 350 Release Date

2024 Lexus ES Release Date and Price

The Lexus ES 350 all-wheel-drive and front-wheel-drive models begin at $40,000. All applicable taxes and a one-time $1,025 destination fee are included in the listed rates. Upgrading to the ES 350 or ES 350 is the same price regardless of trim level. Priced from $45,200 and up, the F Sport versions start at $45,800 (USD). At $49,000, the Ultra-Lux versions fall below the $50,000 mark. There are no other versions of this $46,550 ES 350 F Sport Black Line Special Edition available.