New 2023 Lexus NX Redesign, Colors Interior, Specs

New 2023 Lexus NX Redesign, Colors Interior, Specs – The second generation of the 2023 Lexus NX will arrive in 2023, and it is expected to build on the crossover’s strengths while also correcting any flaws discovered in the previous generation.

As a result, the Toyota RAV4 Ideal now offers a plug-in hybrid engine as a result of rising sales of the sleek high-end crossover. The most significant change is to the NX’s interior, where the vexing Lexus infotainment system has been replaced with a new screen technology that may be ordered ahead of time.

2023 Lexus NX Front View
2023 Lexus NX Front View

New 2023 Lexus NX Redesign

When you look at the 350, you’ll see that it has a completely new engine, but it’s the same 2.5-liter numerous-water pipe powerplant with no turbocharger. The most important part is that it’s still the same engine. The hybrid models create more electric power; the 350h generates 239 horsepower.

while the NX 450h plug-in hybrid pushes the range to its utmost with 302 horsepower to each of the three wheels. The Lexus NX small crossover debuted in 2023 Lexus NX as an aggressively stylish powerhouse. The moment we drove the NX 350 and 450h to see how Lexus had tweaked its high-quality cellular crossover formula, we were terminated. To put it another way, Lexus is focusing on field-maintenance.

2023 Lexus NX Hybrid Interior
2023 Lexus NX Hybrid Interior


The 2023 Lexus NX is a better competitor thanks to new turbo-4 and hybrid technology. The finest high-quality alternative is the 2.5-liter 4-box. Even though this vehicle is the only one with normal front-area wheel travel, an all-tire-drive system is an option. The AWD variant travels from zero to 60 miles per hour in 8.6 seconds. With the exception of the most basic vehicles, all-wheel-drive is an option. In comparison to the current NX, the new NX 350 is significantly more versatile, with 275 horsepower and an acceleration time of 6.6 seconds, which is more than half a second quicker.

The NX 350h, the first hybrid, had 239 engine and a top speed of just 7.2 miles per hour. Due to its small size, the new NX 450h hybrid boasts the greatest performance in the NX range thus far. Lexus claims a 0-60 time of one and a half seconds, which puts it on par with the BMW X3 xDrive 30i in terms of speed. In terms of max speed, all NX versions are the same: 124 mph. The F Sport vehicles, on the other hand, have a top speed of 127 mph. It is estimated that the new NX can pull around 2,000 pounds when fully set up and ready.


The new 2023 Lexus NX’s inside changes are more evident than those on the outside. In order to understand the new central touch screen technology, one must look at its design. A far more user-friendly touchscreen display, up to 14 inches in size, has taken the place of the old, snobby touchpad. As expected, the match, Lexus, and finish were all excellent. Everything in the vehicle is of the highest quality, from the seats to the dashboard. Base component parts show commonly when utilizing a 9.8-inch diameter “NuLuxe furnishings,” a vacation approach option, and a touch screen display. The NX might come with a 20-inch holiday light display, a panoramic roof structure, or an outstanding view check, depending on your choices.

There’s not much more to view outside the NX’s cabin now that its outside proportions have decreased so drastically. As long as you have room for five people, you won’t have any problems with an elderly person sitting on a chair in the middle of the table. NX’s group has 36.1 inches of legroom, which is more than enough for most grownup passengers. Backseat passengers get a total of 38.5 inches of head space. ” There is less headroom due to the amazing moonroof, despite the modest reduction in front-end capacity. In cars with 41 inches of legroom, rear passengers are often infringed upon by vehicle owners and people who require the extra space. An abundance of driving positions and controls makes it simple to choose the best car for a long road trip. A child’s capacity to grasp the basics is as astounding as it was at previous ages.

2023 Lexus NX Back View
2023 Lexus NX Back View
New 2023 Lexus NX Release Date and Price

The regular 250 FWD 2023 Lexus NX will cost $37,950 in 2023. The premium model costs $41,000, while the luxury model costs $44,100. If you want an AWD variant, charge $1,600 for each clip of the 250. The Aston Martin DB11The top-of-the-line and premium trims have MSRPs of $44,600 and $49,000, respectively, starting at $41,550. A 350 F Sport costs $46,650, while a 350 F Sport Luxury costs $49,950.