New 2023 Lexus RX Models, Redesign, Specs

New 2023 Lexus RX Models, Redesign, Specs2023 Lexus RX 500h is content with its position as the best-rated midsize SUV in the United States for the time being. Between 290 and 308 horsepower is generated by the crossover’s V6 engine, depending on the model.

Although it is sufficient for almost any sporty little, no amount of used interior, safety experts, or even an extra row of seats in L-monikered models will keep the larger midsize from falling behind the competition.You can have trouble keeping up with the rising levels of competition if you drive carelessly or have poor acceleration. This is true both practically and figuratively. Demand for the product, it should not be discontinued prematurely.

2023 Lexus RX Front View
2023 Lexus RX Front View

New 2023 Lexus RX Redesign

In spite of this 2023 Lexus RX 500h’s powerful exterior, it does not imply that it will always operate well with any of the alternatives. There’s a weird aspect to the Lexus spindle grille, which covers much of the car’s front fascia. Triple-ray headlamps and taillights may be fitted. Moonroofs and impact sensors are only two of the many options available on this vehicle.

There are two 20-inch wheel “variations,” with the latter being the standard on Black Line versions, in addition to the regular 18-inch alloy wheels. Unless they are F-Sport variants, hybrid cars often don’t stand out from the crowd. The vehicle’s blacked-out side mirrors and unique emblem on the grille help to set it apart. The “F Sport rims” cost an additional 20%. An all-black exterior and a black grille distinguish Black Line models from regular models.

2023 Lexus RX Interior
2023 Lexus RX Interior


Lexus interiors are known for their high-quality materials and distinctive design. It’s easy to go to an excellent tourist destination. Everybody’s comfort and safety are ensured thanks to easily accessible warmed seats and standard auto weather conditions, making this a safe and enjoyable ride for everyone.

An infotainment system has an enormous touch-screen monitor, as well as a large number of speakers for playing music. Additionally, there are several benefits and characteristics to take into account. It’s difficult to find decent bargains on certain features because of the wide range of options.


All RX models use the same 3.5-liter V6 engine. But the outcomes may vary greatly depending on the items. The fuel-only 2023 Lexus RX 500h comes standard with 295 horsepower and 268 pound-feet of torque in all trims save the 350L. The 308-horsepower hybrid is powered by a trio of electric motors. Although all-wheel drive is available as an option, the 350 model comes standard with an automatic transmission and a high-level powerplant.

All-wheel drive (AWD) is only offered on the 450h variants, and the gearbox is sent to the rear wheels through a CVT. Choosing where to put the engine isn’t enough with these designs. The engine does not operate as effectively as it could because of a lack of eagerness and an inability to react to throttle inputs. The CVT in the hybrid is kinder and more accurate. While combustion engines power the front wheels, electric motors power the back.

2023 Lexus RX Back View
2023 Lexus RX Back View
New 2023 Lexus RX Release Date and Price

Another way of putting it is that 2023 Lexus RX 500 is far more expensive than Toyota’s more affordable high-end models. Starting at $45,070 and $47,900, the RX 350 and 350L cost $47,000. A bit more pricey, the F Sport costs $48,550 despite having fewer features. An additional $1,400 is required to upgrade each device’s primary FWD to an AWD model. With all-wheel drive as standard, hybrid cars tend to be more expensive. No matter how much more costly the 450h, 450hL, or F Sport models are, the inside trims remain the same. With a starting price of $48,235 for the F Sport Black Line and going up to $51,875 for the 450h, there are numerous unique RX 350 models. The $1,025 market demand, tax, registration, and certification are not included in the MSRP.