New 2024 Lexus ES 350 Changes, Engine, Horsepower

New 2024 Lexus ES 350 Changes, Engine, Horsepower – The market for midsize business sedans is not flourishing, and the 2024 Lexus ES 350 F Sport is another unlucky victim of that trend. It’s time to classify this type of training alongside sports, alternative-energy cars, and many crossovers. Additionally, continue. While the rivalry is severe, German manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz remain steadfast with products like the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Type.

Nonetheless, assuming that you have enough vision, If this is the case, the 2024 Lexus ES 350 F Sport offers some significant benefits. While it lacks the vitality of its German rivals, this high-end Japanese sedan provides a comfortable ride and an opulent interior at an affordable price. Inspired by a 302-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine, a 2.5-liter multiple-inner compartment, or even a 2.5-liter crossbreed powertrain that was only recently introduced, the ES will fail in any training course time conflict.

2024 Lexus ES Front View
2024 Lexus ES Front View

2024 Lexus ES Redesign

The 2024 Lexus ES 350 F Sport is defined by its beautiful looks. Similarly, a modern addition to a big airport terminal is a high-end gourmet coffee shop. However, despite the fact that it looks to be an excellent piece of art, it swiftly fades from recollection. On the entry-level variants, 17-inch screens are standard. The alloy wheels with a split 10-spoke design feature an electric power sunroof and expertly directed illumination. With the following choices, the Significant-conclusion and AdditionalHigher-finish trims increase the volume of 18-inch alloy automobile wheels, delivering disruption-reducing wheels, while the F Sport will receive 19-inch 5-spoke rims, one of which will be keyed back again to complete the spoiler, as well as an incomparably more competitive entrance component grille and fender.

Constrictions Darker collection-exclusive features incorporate a darkish rear spoiler, dark-shaded wing wall structure framework, wall structure decorative mirrors, and a dark finish for those 19-inch tires. This belly-sizing professional sedan measures 195.9 inches in length, somewhat longer than the BMW 5 Routine, but many times faster than the Volvo S90. The total dimensions of the 2024 ES are 73.4 inches long, 56.9 inches wide, and it rides on a 113-inch wheelbase. The AWD variant is significantly more costly, at $57.1. Indeed, the 2024 Lexus ES 350 F Sport has a low curb weight of between 3,3 and 690,780 pounds, with crossbreed variants achieving the far more significant end of the spectrum.

2024 Lexus ES Interior
2024 Lexus ES Interior


Lexus is capable of creating visually spectacular interiors. Even though the design may be less functional or stylish than those in Germany or Sweden, it is a pleasant place to stay. The range and caliber of posts are excellent. We acknowledge that the standard dash design is a tad dated, and the stalks protruding from the cowl within the vehicle management parking lot are an interesting option. Nevertheless, we cannot ask for much more than that, especially when considering the value of your acquisition. The visitor area is outstanding, and each design incorporates boost-location environmental management and changeable vehicle seat entry area position. The majority of the delicate trimmings feature an elegant semi-aniline organic natural leather structure.

Three characteristics of your web activity are simplicity, convenience, and simplicity. The 2024 Lexus ES 350 F Sport places a far higher premium on passenger space than practically all competitors. There are no steeply slanted rooftops or impractically short journey distances to contend with when acquiring from and to the ES.As soon as you enter the cabin, you will note how prominent it seems, and that is just the case. 6-footers will find plenty of space in front of them, including an amazing 42.4 inches of legroom. Along with the 39.2 inches of legroom, which is greater than the 5 Series or A6, the headroom is also more than suitable for an adult of average size. In entering car seats, the majority of the 10-way strength adjustability is devoted to lumbar support.


Three distinct engines are on the table for 2024. The ES 250 is powered by a 2.5-liter normally aspirated inline-four engine producing 203 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. The 8–10-speed automatic transmission distributes hardness to one or both of the wheels. This selection is likely to be advantageous for anyone who wishes to remain within the constraints of a certain place. The four-package engine is more than willing to filter through web traffic in order to save you money. Even with much lower acceleration costs, the ES 250 is projected to maintain a generously superior energy deficit that will be difficult to exceed.

The 2024 Lexus ES 350 F Sport Crossbreed is powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine and an electric motor combo that makes 215 horsepower, yet it feels slow. We recommend opting for the 3.5-liter V6 engine, since it gives more power for all-wheel drive. This boost in ruggedness results in a useful 302 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque, as well as an 8-10-speed automatic transmission. Despite its modestly sleek look, the V6’s powerband is smooth and linear. In most instances, a variety of alternatives are available, but freeway sailing is a natural fit for the ES’s high-quality and highly polished appearance.

2024 Lexus ES Back View
2024 Lexus ES Back View

2024 Lexus ES Release Date and Price

The Lexus ES 350 F Sport pricing in 2024 begins at $40,000 for the ES 350 FWD and $40,000 for the ES 250 AWD. These prices eliminate the registration charge and the $1,025 site fee in the United States. The low pricing applies to the two ES 350 and the ES 250 after the well-toned diplomas are improved. The top conclusion, which is well-toned, is $45,200, while the F Sport is $45,800.

End designs often retain components under the $50,000 price range, with an incredible price of $49,000. The ES 350 F Sport Black color shade Array Unique Design, which retails for $46,550, is a hard-to-find clip in the ES 250 shape. The starting price for the ES 300h crossbreed is $41,910 and increases to $47,110 for the top-of-the-line model and $50,910 for the further high-class model. To put these pricing differentials into context, the Audi A6, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, and BMW 5 Series all begin at well over $54,000.